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Solar Fields – Altered: Second Movement

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
Welcome to Ambient Explorations! This is your first visit so please feel at home. Comments are appreciated! -Flict

2005 marked the release of what is in my opinion one of the greatest psychedelic ambient albums of all times: Solar Fields “Leaving Home“. Magnus Birgersson had already released two albums before but no other showed his incredible sense of production, composition and originality like this one.

Since then I’ve been a huge fan and waited impatiently 4 years for the the follow up: Movements. And it was… ok. The production level was still very high and we had some real gems there (“Sol”, “Discovery” and “The Stones Are Not Too Busy” are among his best) but something was missing. Everything was so “right as expected”… I couldn’t help to feel a little disappointed. But I knew he still had this creativity and desire to break the rules on him. It was only a question of time…

…and suddenly, out of nowhere, comes “Altered – Second Movements“. He had already done an remix of one of his own albums (“Extended“) but what he attempted (and succeed) here is something else. I have no other way to describe it as “Movements” on acid. He abandoned all the strict rules of how a song should be arranged and that seems to have guided so much of “Movements” and permitted himself to create freely, without beginning or end. You can still hear and identify most of the tracks but they are so transmuted and realized that I wonder if they were written at the same time or even before the others!

It’s much more experimental than any other thing he has done before but very rewarding as a complete journey. And what a journey! Together with Carbon Based Lifeforms “Interloper”, the deepest one of the year. Extremely recommended!

Tangram – Micropolis

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Micropolis Cover Art

Made another discovery yesterday: Tangram

This ambient/downtempo project from Budapest is defined by its own creator (Peter Fabok) as “When Solar Fields meets Jean Michel Jarre”. I confess that I was never a big Jarre fan but since he mentioned Solar Fields I jumped in immediately. He has two albums and one EP released on bandcamp, all of them with  “name your price” tag. My favorite one, Micropolis, has Ultimae Records written all over it. You get 9 psychedelic tracks, some with a beat, some minimalistic, others melodic, most with a nice nostalgic atmosphere.

Chek it out, specially if you like the artists mentioned above.

Aleph Zero’s Dark Room Beats

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Since last week I’ve been immersed in this fresh new compilation released by Shulman and DJ Sahar (owners of Aleph Zero).   After a little disappointment with “Natural Born Chillers 2” (to oriental for my taste most of the time) this time they went for a similar mood that from the amazing “Midnight Soul Dive” compilation released three years ago: serious cutting edge chill and ambient with a quirky high-tech flavour. Do they succeed? Hell yeah!!

All the tracks, without exception, have top-notch production and are filled with fresh ideas and beautiful (and most of the time quite simple) melodies. There is also a big IDM and Glitch influence, giving the whole trip a more upbeat feeling this time. In fact the album was certainly made to be listened as a one great composition or journey since the tracks work better as steps than as individual entities.

But please don’t think there are no highlights! The Krusseldorf track (Boxing) gets me amazed with his sonic wizardry every time I listen to it, the Aligning Minds one (Tee-child) is a hell of a trip filled with tasty sounds, Eitan Reiten managed to transform Shulman’s “One Step Closer” with weird hypnotic alien sounds and finishing everything with great style comes Minilogue with gorgeous and deeeeeeeep tech-lowfi monster (“When The Roof Is Low Open Your Heart And The Sky Will Follow”). You can easily buy the album just for the above tracks… but you still get famous names that never disappoint like Vataff Project, Robert Rich ( cheapest generic cialis uk!!!), Omnimotion, I Awake and Hibernation. Together with less famous but not less exciting ones (who the hell is Alexander Daf and why I never heard him before?!) you get what probably will be the best 2010 ambient/chill compilation.

My only complaint is about the transition between the tracks. Sometimes they are quite abrupt and not DJ friendly. But this is only a small point and should not distract you from what is, in my opinion, the best compilation released by Aleph Zero so far!

Listen to samples and buy it here. Highly recommended!!!

Phutureprimitive – Luminous EP

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

2004 saw the release of one the best down tempo albums ever in my humble opinion, Phutureprimitive‘s Sub Conscious. It’s blend of tribal rhythms, twisted synths and highly psychoactive atmospheres rocked a lot of chill stages around the globe and it is still a benchmark for the style.

When the awesome Interchill Records VA “Future Memmories” was released two years ago I was really surprised by the direction of his track “Deeper”. Much more commercial (vocals!) but very well produced and still retaining the Phutureprimitive touch. How wrong was I to think it was a one-track-only offering… Going the same direction as Simon Posford,  now the Phutureprimitive project is a live band with more 3 members! And it seems to be quite a treat, watch for yourself:

The “Luminous EP”, released on May, follows on the same path. Twisted psychedelic down tempo with male and female vocals. Very well produced and with great refreshing sound, reminded me a lot of the ProSect vs Reflekshum album (“Imagination Corporation”). And it even contains a remix of one of mys favorite tracks from “Sub Conscious”: Darkness.

Highly recommended!

Kalpataru Tree – All Things Passing

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Kalpataru Tree‘s first album, Scattered Fragments Of The Eternal Dream, came out of nowhere in 2007 and became one of the most listened during this great year for ambient music. I was mesmerized by the effortless blend of dubby grooves and dreamy guitar riffs.

I was very happy to find that he released a second album in June and it’s very good! The production quality evolved a lot (the first one was a little low on this) and you can feel that the compositions are more mature and held back. Even if it’s not as original and beautiful as the first one, the highlights are still here: organic textures and dreamy trippy dubby atmospheres.

Recommended to lovers of psydub, guitar, and easy listening chill.

Interview with Aes Dana

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Aes Dana

The great polish ambient music blog Ashoka published a nice interview with Vincent Villuis, owner of Ultimae Rec and the mastermind behind one of the greatest psychedelic ambient project of all time: Aes Dana

Chek it out here!

Future Sound of London – The Isness

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

The Isness

After reading on The Echoes Blog that the guys from Future Sound of London won the Mojo Award for “best Compilation” I got curious about what they are doing nowadays. I already knew about their modern day 60’s psychedelic band Amourphous Androgynous but didn’t knew that the FSOL went on this road to.

So armed with a lot of curiosity I started listening to The Isness and was hit with a bang. This is great music! First thing: Forget “Lifeforms” or “Dead cities”. Forget eletronic music. Instead, think of Syd Barret, King Crimson and all the big progressive rock names. This is psychedelic prog rock made on 2000’s! If you like the style check this album, you will not regreat it. It was released on 2002, how I have missed this is a mystery to me.

And if you are wondering “who the hell is Future Sound of London” do yourself a favour and listen to “Lifeforms” album, a milestone of the ambient genre (released on 1994!) that still works like a charm. Prepare to be transported…

New Bluetech album (Love Songs to the Source)

Monday, July 26th, 2010

love songs cover

Once in a while comes an ambient / chill  album that is so likable that even my non-ambient friends feel the urge to ask  “what is playing?”.  It happened with the first Omnimotion (“Dream Wide Awake”) and lastly with the Gaudi vs Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan album (“Dub Qawwali”). In both cases they were not the type of album that I would spin when playing out (choose something deeper) but the quality was so high that I couldn’t remove it from my cd player.

When I heard that there was a new Bluetech album and the it was going to be released by Interchill records my first thought was:  already?! Last year Evan released a great album on Aleph Zero (“The Divine Invasion“) followed by some singles and EPs. He is incredibly prolific! Not complaining here…

As expected this new gem is different from his previous releases and it has the Interchill brand written all over it. Loads of real instruments, vocals and participations. Much more commercial and dub oriented but never loosing the great melodic and nostalgic Bluetech vibe that is his trademark.  You even receive one of the best songs Evan has ever composed in my opinion: Seed to Soil.

Bottom line: Go get this fast! It will certainly warm your days with bass juice… Buy it here.

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

I stumbled upon this album last week on the Internet. I always liked what I heard of Animal Collective (especially “Feels”) but this one is something else! Starting with the cover:

The music can be described as something like Pet Sounds + Grateful Dead + Flaming Lips + weirdness. And it’s VERY weird. But very mysterious and addictive to.  Give it a try… You may like it!

Deaf Center Live

Monday, June 29th, 2009

[@ Fluid Radio]

Why, why?! Please, tell me why we don’t have things like this here in Rio de Janeiro?!

Deaf Center LIVE + Claudio Sinatti (visuals) = BEAUTIFUL!