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Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper

Saturday, June 26th, 2010
Welcome to Ambient Explorations! This is your first visit so please feel at home. Comments are appreciated! -Flict

CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS - [ Interloper ] - Reprinted

If there’s one ambient music album you should buy this year is the latest Carbon Based Lifeforms (“Interloper”). It features an amazing array of deep feeling and textures, without ever loosing their characteristic warmness.

The sequence consisting of “Frog”, “M” and “20 minutes” leave me speechless every time. (the last track being on the most beautiful ever)

Thanks Johannes, Daniel and Ultimae records for releasing such a masterpiece! Wow!

Get it here.

Wind Melody

Monday, June 8th, 2009

[on Blog do Roosevelt]

Created by Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu, this sculpture was made with 1000 tubes which sing like flutes when the wind is blowing. This metallic tree create notes and chords, varying with the wind direction and intensity. It sound can be heard from miles!

Have you heard about thesixtyone.com?

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Just found out about thesixtyone.com… Very very interesting!

It’s a musical multi player game where you earn points by discovering great new musical acts or songs.

“thesixtyone makes music culture more democratic: artists upload their work for review, but, rather than allow a stuffy suit in a boardroom to decide what’s good, thousands of listeners do. The best music automagically bubbles up on our homepage where you can listen to the most popular songs for any genre. It’s a quick way to find new music for your iPod powered by pure excitement as opposed to some contrived marketing budget.”

It’s a shame there’s no ambient music there… yet.

Sumner McKane “What a Great Place to Be”

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Sumner McKane - What a Great Place to Be

I came across “What a great place to be” 3 months ago on the web. Do you know when something catch your attention and you think: this is special! The cover, the title(s), the theme… At the minute I saw it I knew I was going to love it. And that´s what happened!

It´s a really special album, full of organic and deep emotions. It fully transport me to a childhood that I never had… Very special feeling.

Easily one of the best albums of 2009 (the best?).

Sumner McKane Website

… and a review by Joseph Sannicandro:

“Sumner McKane’s much anticipated new album is a tribute to his home state of Maine, each song encapsulating a different aspect or historical or personal anecdote. The narrative quality of What A Great Place to Be is clear, but of course he achieves this in an ambiguous way, by means of song titles and styles of playing. It is also obvious that it was a labor of love, from the subject matter, from the care of production. McKane, in the time between records, has also become a father twice over, and I can only imagine that this impacted his work as a musician. (His daughters’ can be heard buried in some of the tracks, according to this cute story). In January of 2007, I reviewed Sumner’s last studio album, Two if By Sea. At the time I knew it to be a magnificent record, but in the time since then the album has only served to become more and more dear to me. McKane is without question amongst the most talented songwriters, producers, and guitar players making ambient instrumental music right now.”

(Read the rest of the review here)