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Magnolia – This is Magnolia

Monday, September 13th, 2010
Welcome to Ambient Explorations! This is your first visit so please feel at home. Comments are appreciated! -Flict

One of the things I love the most about the whole music experience is the discovery. In fact I think I’m addicted to it. The thrill of discovering a band or project, sometimes by pure luck, is what gives me faith that the music world is always progressing independent of money or media.

I’m saying all this to introduce you to the best “found by luck” band of the last don’t-know-how-long: Magnolia

The first time I heard the  album (“This is Magnolia”) I had to stop doing whatever I was doing and just soak in the lazy post-rock waves of emotional lap guitar, minimalistic piano and smooth light grooves.  It’s not the most original sound ever.. In fact the Tortoise, Mogwai, Sumner McKane influence is so obvious (for me anyway) that is like a bow or homage. And I don’t care at all. Since the last Sumner McKane I didn’t get so emotional connected to album like this one.

Well, enought talking. Just listen and fly.

Dane Jacobs: Yellower Days

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Yellower Days Cover Art

I’m not updating this blog as frequently as I want but this doesn’t mean that I haven’t been listening to some good stuff lately. I’ll try to start posting some of it on the following days. Let’s begin with this beautiful album from Dane Jacobs called “Yellower Days”.

Usually I think that the glitch genre is some kind of sonic masturbation, with all the clicks and pops and no soul. This one is different. Full of emotion and melodies, it reminds me of more experimental and crazy Kettel. Now the icing on the cake: it’s free!!! But ff you download and like it please consider paying I $4 (!!) for the whole package including a bonus track.

Easily one of the best free releases I’ve heard this year. Oh, the art is amazing too!

Tangram – Micropolis

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Micropolis Cover Art

Made another bandcamp.com discovery yesterday: Tangram

This ambient/downtempo project from Budapest is defined by its own creator (Peter Fabok) as “When Solar Fields meets Jean Michel Jarre”. I confess that I was never a big Jarre fan but since he mentioned Solar Fields I jumped in immediately. He has two albums and one EP released on bandcamp, all of them with  “name your price” tag. My favorite one, Micropolis, has Ultimae Records written all over it. You get 9 psychedelic tracks, some with a beat, some minimalistic, others melodic, most with a nice nostalgic atmosphere.

Chek it out, specially if you like the artists mentioned above.

Woob – Repurpose

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock or something but first I didn’t know that Future Sound of London was still going as an electronic band and then now I found out on accident that Woob is back. Woob is back?! But who is Woob, you ask?

If you started listening to ambient on the 00’s chances are you don’t know about a label called em:t, one of the pioneers of this type of music during the 90’s (and still active). Woob released two albums and a lot of tracks with em:t but one them, Woob 1194, is considered one of the milestones of the ambient genre (and works fine even nowadays). It was a long time since his last release so that explain my surprise when I found “Repurpose” when browsing through bandcamp.

It’s not made entirely of new tracks (some remixes and remakes) and there are some fillers but believe me when I say it’s high quality stuff. Pure cinematic and epic ambient music tending more to the dark side of the force. The use of  real instruments (mostly ethnic) conjures a pretty intense ritual organic atmosphere. And the price… So cheap!! It is worth for the last two tracks alone pharmacieviagra.com. What are you waiting for?