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Archive for March, 2012

Escape Into: The Dream – Out Now!

Monday, March 26th, 2012
Welcome to Ambient Explorations! This is your first visit so please feel at home. Comments are appreciated! -Flict

Hello friends!

Long time since I wrote here but I come with happy news!

The debut for my psytrance project (Escape Into) is out: The Dream!
It’s a colorful blend of psy-trance, delivered here on 4 highly melodic and harmonious compositions, drawing inspiration from orchestral music, Suomisaundi, video game music, rock and other improbable sources. Very original and full of emotions, an addictive listen from start to finish!

Just press play bellow to listen, download do get your copy (free!) and share to share with your friends http://enligneviagra.net/levitra-prix/ http://itspharmacy.net/products/clobetasol-cream/!

It’s also the right moment to announce that the Flict ambient project is being put on suspended animation for the time being. I will be concentrating on the more energetic spectrum of the psychedelic experience with the Escape Into project… But Flict is far from over! Expect more deep and hypnotic tracks in the future.


The Second Coming – Out now!

Monday, March 26th, 2012

I’m proud to be part of the incredible compilation released by Mind Tweakers Records!

Compiled by Salvinorin and R-Tur, two great composers and artists, this compilation presents some amazing producers that introduce to us single musical moments. The Maestros are: Logical Elements, Flict, Bioforest, Ancient Core, Yakalos, Enacter, Seamoon, Atma, Salvinorin and R-tur, each artist, brings us his own peculiarity, showing great production skills to transmit their deep message throught their songs.

Unfortunatly not one (!!) of the virtual shops selling the album has a player that I could embed here, so follow the links to listen and buy it:



Saiko Sounds